Wildwuchs verändert sich. Diese Umordnung braucht Zeit. Ab April haben wir eine neue Website. Bis dahin werden wir Euch hier über die wichtigsten Termine auf dem Laufenden halten. Wir freuen uns auf unser neues Erscheinungsbild und auf das Wildwuchs Festival 2023.

We are seeking artists and activists over the age of 60 who identify as women, and who have an interest in or were involved in radical social and cultural changes in their respective countries.

Developed by Wildwuchs (Switzerland) and SICK! Festival (UK), funded by Pro Helvetia, Old Devils is an international conversation about women, ageing and radicalism. The project brings together members of an older generation of women who were associated with radical changes in culture and society in the 1960s, 70s and 80s in the UK and Switzerland. Working towards possible new performance commissions for presentation at our festivals in 2021 (Basel) and 2022 (Manchester), artists from the UK and Switzerland will explore the role of protest, activism, sub-cultural movements, the arts and loud music in areas including feminism, race relations and LGBTQI+ identity. Starting in Spring 2020, Swiss and British artists will work with representatives of these social and cultural movements from this radical generation.


The process will begin with a 2-day conversation event where participants from both countries will start discussing the subjets of ageing and radicalism. Due to Corona circumstances this first conversation will be held via Zoom in English. The Zoom programme will incorporate presentations, provocations, discussions and collaborative exercises, and is designed to generate potential themes and concepts for further conversations and possibly commissioned artistic projects. The Zoom programme will be documented in audio and video content.

Possible dates for this first conversation are: 3/4 of June or alternatively 10/11 June. If you are interested to take part in this first conversation please send a short letter of motivation (preferably in English) until Monday, 4th of May to Gunda Zeeb: zeeb@wildwuchs.ch

Attending participants will receive a daily allowance of 250.- CHF.

Sufficient knowledge of English is mandatory for taking part in the conversation.

A second conversation is planned for early autumn in Manchester. The format (live/ digital) for this will be developed depending on Corona circumstances closer to the date.

More information about SICK! Festival: http://www.sickfestival.com